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Welcome to Hiptopia Dude!

Hiptopia is a lv 3 Legion on the Zikel Server in Aion. We are a PVP, PVE, Fort fighting, Dredge Running, all around fun time having type of a Group. We are a tight group, much like a family, and like to help each other out. At times (alot of times) we get abit crazy and our vent can get a bit wild.  We have a mix of both male and female players, of all lvls and classes.

We are looking for like-minded players of all class and lvls. You must be active and participate in Legion activates (ie. groups, pvp, and forts depending on lvl). Active to us does not mean you have to be on every day from sun up to sun down. We understand everyone has (or most everyone) a life outside of the game. But we would like to see you on at least a few times a week. This is not an alt Legion. We are looking for active members on active Chars.!

We all get frustrated from time to time. We die or something happens that we didn't expect, and yes, it pisses you off. But our goal is to stay positive and shake it off. Crying about how the game is unfair, or how someone is over powered is not going to fix the problem. Not many people are happy with whats going on on our server, but we just need to move on and get past it. If you are frustrated or pissed off about something, say whats on your mind, and move on. Please do not harp on it, you only bring other people down.  If you are that mad, walk away and cool down, this is a game, and its not worth getting all E-Rage over it! If you have an issue with someone, talk to that person! If you are having a problem with someone and you have tried talking to them, or don't feel you can talk to that person, come to a High-archy (that would be the officers) and we will handle it. There is bound to be clashes from time to time. Some people will not like others, it always happens when mutiple people get together. Its up to everyone to just work through it. Play nice, or move on. Its pretty simple. This is a game, we are here to have fun, remember that.

We have a legion vent and would like to see everyone in it. We get that you may be shy at first, but Vent is a HUGE part of our legion. Most of us have a bad habit of not looking at legion chat, so it really is the best way to get things done. If you don't have ventrilo its a fast, safe, free download. If you don't have a mic or headset, please try to get one. You can always listen in on vent and type responses in legion chat, until you can get a mic. I also know that sometimes you just want to listen to some tunes while you are grinding, I totally get that, and its fine, as long as you jump in with us when you can. If you find yourself Vent challenged, please let us know so we can help you out.

So there you have it. If you think you can put up with our wildness and want to join, let us know!

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